Alahmari KA, Reddy RS, Tedla JS, et al. The effect of Kinesio taping on cervical proprioception in athletes with mechanical neck pain-a placebo-controlled trial. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2020 Oct 3;21(1):648. doi: 10.1186/s12891-020-03681-9. (Original study)

BACKGROUND: Neck proprioception is critical in maintaining neuromuscular control in and around cervical joints. Kinesio™ tape may assist in rehabilitating joint position sense. The current study compares Kinesio™ tape's effects versus a placebo on proprioception in college athletes experiencing mechanical neck pain.

METHODS: This study randomized sixty-six athletes with mechanical neck pain into a Kinesio™ tape group (n = 33, mean age = 22.73 years) or placebo group (n = 33, mean age = 23.15 years). The Kinesio™ tape group received standard Kinesio™ taping applications with appropriate tension, while the placebo group received taping applications without tension.

OUTCOME MEASURES: The study assessed cervical joint position errors with a cervical range-of-motion (CROM) device, pain intensity with a visual analog scale (VAS), and neck functional disability with a neck disability index (NDI). It tested joint position errors through cervical flexion, extension, rotation left, and rotation right. All the outcome measures were recorded at the baseline and twice more following 3 and 7 days of tape applications.

RESULTS: Multivariate analysis of variance test demonstrated a significant reduction in joint position errors in flexion, extension and right rotation following 3 days and 7 days of tape application among the Kinesio™ tape group. There was a significant main effect of time (P < 0.05) for joint position errors in left rotation and VAS after 3 days (p > 0.05), NDI after 3 and 7 days (p > 0.05).

CONCLUSIONS: The Kinesio™ tape application after 3 and 7 days effectively decreased joint position errors and neck pain intensity in mechanical neck pain participants compared to placebo, while there was no difference between both groups in the NDI.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: ( CTRI/2011/07/001925 ). This study was retrospectively registered on the 27th July, 2011.


Discipline Area Score
Physician 5 / 7
Rehab Clinician (OT/PT) 5 / 7
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