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Are you ready to become a PAIN+ CPN Public Jury Member?

You can share your skills and knowledge by becoming a PAIN+ CPN Public Jury Member.

A feature in PAIN+ CPN are Evidence Summaries, a growing collection of concise summaries of important articles in pain research. As a Jury Member, you can help in selecting relevant articles and can assist in preparing the summaries.

We will send you one or two promising articles per week and ask you:

  • is this article of interest (or is it relevant to you);
  • if an Evidence Summary is prepared, to whom should it be directed (patients, doctors, policymakers, etc)?;
  • and what is the "bottom line" message of the article for you?

Voting does not take a lot of time – and it will provide you with an opportunity to make your voice heard.

By assisting us to identify, summarize, and disseminate the best available evidence, everyone wins.


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