Celik D, Karaborklu Argut S, Coban O, et al. The clinical efficacy of kinesio taping in shoulder disorders: a systematic review and meta analysis. Clin Rehabil. 2020 Jun;34(6):723-740. doi: 10.1177/0269215520917747. Epub 2020 May 12. (Systematic review)

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of kinesio taping on shoulder disorders, as a single treatment modality or as conjunction to other treatments.

DATA SOURCES: MEDLINE, PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database), The Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Embase and OpenGrey databases were searched for trials published before 5 February 2020.

METHODS: This study was conducted in accordance with the PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) guideline statement. Randomized controlled trials published in English or Turkish were included. The methodological quality of the studies was assessed with the Physiotherapy Evidence Database scale. For analysis of continuous data, mean differences (MDs) or standardized mean differences (SMDs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were used. The I2 statistics was used to measure the heterogeneity.

RESULTS: Fourteen studies were included with 680 participants. Kinesio taping did not produce better results on pain compared to sham (MD by -0.77 (95% CI = -1.77, 0.22), P = 0.13), exercises (MD by -0.51 (95% CI = -1.41, 0.39), P = 0.27), or passive treatments (MD by -0.29 (95% CI = -0.77, 0.19), P = 0.24). Similarly, kinesio taping did not found superior to sham kinesio taping (SMD by -0.01 (95% CI = -0.31, 0.29), P = 0.94), exercises (SMD by 0.41 (95% CI = -0.25, 1.07), P = 0.22), or passive treatments on function (SMD by -0.02 (95% CI = -0.19, 0.15), P = 0.82). There was no significant SMD on range of motion (ROM) by -0.07 (95% CI = -0.47, 0.33, P = 0.74) compared to sham kinesio taping and -0.06 (95% CI = -0.20, 0.09, P = 0.46) compared to passive treatment. Overall, effect size was found small to moderate.

CONCLUSION: Despite reported positive effects in some studies, there is no firm evidence of any benefit of kinesio taping on shoulder disorders.

Discipline Area Score
Rehab Clinician (OT/PT) 5 / 7
Physician 5 / 7
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