McDonagh MS, Wagner J, Ahmed AY, et al. Living Systematic Review on Cannabis and Other Plant-Based Treatments for Chronic Pain - Quarterly Progress Report: May 2021 (Systematic review)

This is the third quarterly progress report for an ongoing living systematic review on cannabis and other plant-based treatments for chronic pain. The first progress report was published in January 2021 and the second in March 2021. The draft systematic review was available for public comment from May 19 through June 15, 2021, on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Effective Health Care website. The systematic review synthesizes evidence on the benefits and harms of plant-based compounds (PBCs), such as cannabinoids and kratom, used to treat chronic pain, addressing concerns about severe adverse effects, abuse, misuse, dependence, and addiction. The purpose of this progress report is to describe the cumulative literature identified thus far. This report will be periodically updated with new studies as they are published and identified, culminating in an annual systematic review that provides a synthesis of the accumulated evidence.

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It looks like we are still need large, well-done studies.

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The paper is a review article dealing with the application of cannabis in chronic pain. The manuscript is overall well-presented and easy to understand; although, the text layout should be revised. The take-home message is globally clear and this manuscript might pave the road to a new perspective in this field.

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This is very interesting.
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